Many different ways of getting valuable experience.

There are many ways for committed students to enter Henkel. Even before graduating, you have a good chance to gain valuable early work experience and lay the foundations for a career at Henkel. We work in partnership with selected student associations worldwide to create a framework for people to discover our “Henkel Spirit”. The activities mentioned below are just a few examples of events that we organize on campus: these range from lectures and workshops to challenging case studies and informal chats. Our great range of activities allows us to address the particular objectives and agenda of individual student associations directly. And we don’t just offer a broad spectrum of opportunities: we are also always on the lookout for anybody who shows early talent and who shares the values of Henkel’s Winning Culture. We are interested to get in contact with students who impress us – for we know and appreciate the value of potential. This potential will become an important part of our future.