You have the questions. We have the answers.

Can I do an internship with Henkel at any time? When do I need to apply?

Yes – generally the dates of your internship are flexible and not tied to semester schedules. Please apply 4-6 months in advance.

I’m interested in several jobs. Can I apply just once?

Yes – simply fill out your profile in our online application system. You can easily apply for multiple jobs using your online profile.

How do I apply to Henkel?

Use the Job Portal on our homepage. It’s easy – it just takes a few quick clicks. Please send us all the necessary documents for your application (e.g. internship reports, diploma, academic history). If possible, please submit digital files in PDF format.

What if I can’t find any suitable jobs?

Just fill out your job profile in our Job Portal and activate the “job agent”. This will automatically email you information about any relevant jobs.

Can employees move between business areas and/or to a different country?

Yes – you can do both of these things. In fact, Henkel’s “Triple Two” philosophy actually promotes it by allowing you to work in two different roles, in two different business areas and in two different countries. And even more if you want to, because we believe that it’s good for your personal development and improves your understanding of Henkel as a global company.

In what country will my first job be?

In most cases, your first job will be in your home country. But if you want to move to a Henkel location in another country there may be opportunities – after all, Henkel is represented all around the globe.

What does Henkel offer in terms of vocational training?

There are a whole range of opportunities for vocational training, both locally and globally, to help prepare us now for the challenges of tomorrow. The Henkel Global Academy organizes seminars around the world in partnership with famous business schools.

What kind of jobs does Henkel offer?

At Henkel, we have a diverse range of commercial, technical and functional job roles. Find out what jobs are currently available in the Job Portal on our homepage. Take a look – it’s worth it.

How long after I submit my application will it be before I start work or start my internship?

That depends on the type of job. But in general, your employment will start a few weeks after your application. For an internship, you should apply 4-6 months in advance. You can find out more about Henkel’s application process here.