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Ever since it was founded in 1876, Henkel’s history has been punctuated by a series of unique innovations and product developments. We have constantly succeeded through intensive and extensive research in identifying the desires and requirements of our customers as they emerge, and meeting these through creative ideas and inventions of excellence. And we consistently use a mix of internal and external expertise in order to safeguard the sustained success of our company and further expand our leading market position.

All Henkel employees are committed to working together in order to further extend our innovative powers and to develop new markets by leveraging our creative capabilities. Irrespective of the country, the business unit or the position held, every coworker is encouraged by Henkel to submit ideas for innovation and to develop an awareness of the paramount importance of renewal. We work together in order to accommodate the requirements of our customers with ever-better solutions, supported by an innovation management capability aligned to our corporate strategy – and the long-term objectives that this embodies. We combine the analytical observation of trends that may be of value to Henkel with direct, delving contact with our customers, utilizing the knowledge gained to engender creative concepts and develop innovations in our three business sectors.

We constantly look beyond the immediate bounds of our own company in our search for ideas and in our endeavor to drive their successful exploitation. This has led to a shift in focus toward external collaborations and we are committed to “open innovation” as an important component in our research and development strategy. We make full use of our global R&D network, and the inclusion of external partners such as universities, research institutes, suppliers and customers in our innovation process is of huge importance for many of our product developments – with the involvement of our customers particularly not only providing a source of new ideas and guidance but also serving to drive our research and project development work forward at pace.

Our professional research and development departments around the world take prime responsibility for converting the new ideas that ensue into saleable products. Henkel has around 2,600 employees working in research and development – covering the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering and technology and working on specific areas of competence to develop innovative basic technologies for new products and production processes.

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